Harrison, Wisconsin

ThedaCare Physicians

Project Manager:

Kevin Chevalier


LEED Gold Certification for new construction

Market Served:
Project Overview:

ThedaCare is focused on providing the right service in the right place by the right provider. An outcome of this focus is the creation of integrated service clinics located throughout the ThedaCare service area. These clinics house providers and services custom fit to the desires and needs of a specific population area. The Thedacare Physicians Darboy Clinic is a prime example of this type of facility. Services provided include General Practice, Pediatrics, X-Ray, Mammography, Lab and Physical Therapy. Flex space has been provided to allow for Specialist to come in on a as-needed basis and additional space has been provided to allow for approximately 50% growth in the General Practice area.

Lean Process
The Darboy project is a strong reflection of the continuous improvement of  ThedaCare’s healthcare delivery model and the continuous improvement of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process, an effective and efficient project delivery method of which has been used by McMahon on multiple projects.  The Darboy facility was designed to support ThedaCare’s “New Delivery Model”.  The team achieved this not only by being involved in Lean events held specifically to examine the needs of the Darboy clinic, but by bringing knowledge forward from other clinic designs.  With each project, this knowledge continues to grow and evolve.

The tools used by the IPD team also continue to grow and evolve with each project.  The Darboy project was delivered using Lean concepts, Building Information Modeling, and LEED.  Lean concepts include a 2P event, Pull Schedules, and Mock-ups.  Involving all stakeholders in the process was key to the success of the project.  The team used Building Information Modeling to detect and resolve building conflicts prior to the start of construction saving both time and money.

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