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Company Leadership

Benedict 8853

Paul E. Benedict P.E., S.E.


Paul strongly values personal service, and works hard to ensure clients experience what makes McMahon unique at every interaction. A well-respected leader, his personal integrity and drive to deliver shapes the culture of success at McMahon. 

Paul has been company president since 2018, and employed with McMahon since 1995. He is a registered Professional Engineer in eight states.


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Michael J. McMahon AIA, NCARB


As the leader of the architectural service group, Mike is passionate about the people behind each project and helping to bring project visions to life. 

His career in architecture spans 38+ years, with experience in master planning, architectural design and project management. He’s been a part of McMahon’s executive leadership team since 2018.

Matthew J. Greely P.E.


Matt specializes in infrastructure planning, design and project management. He expertly blends function and flexibility to positively impact clients and project outcomes.

Matt leads the company’s environment and infrastructure service group and has a 35+ year career with McMahon.

Vic Lutz


Vic has managed the company’s financial operations for over 35 years. His vast knowledge of corporate accounting, tax laws, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and insurance has allowed McMahon to provide unique project solutions and  delivery methods for our clients.  

Vic’s knowledge of employee benefits has allowed the development of an outstanding benefits package for McMahon employees. These benefits have resulted in a high retention rate of our staff, a major advantage to our long-term clients.

Wisconsin Service Areas Leadership

Environment and Infrastructure Group

Municipal Services

Brad D. Werner P.E.

Water Resources

Nick Vande Hey P.E.


Michael R. Simon P.E.

Environment and Ecology

Stuart A. Boerst P.S.S., P.H.

Geospatial Solutions

Sam Pociask

Land Surveying

Doug Woelz P.L.S.

Site Development

Mike Kohlbeck P.E.

Structures and Building Systems Group

Structural Engineering

Daniel J. Brellen P.E., LEED AP

Electrical Controls

Scott R. Mahnke P.E.

Plumbing Design / Mechanical HVAC

Edward C. Erickson

Industrial Group

Industrial Engineering

Thomas P. Kocken P.E.
Jim Talbert, McMahon senior process design engineer

Food Process Engineering

Jim Talbert

Water and Wastewater Group

Water and Wastewater

Chad T. Olsen P.E., BCEE

Water and Wastewater

Anthony S. Kappell P.E.

Architectural Group


Derek Gruber AIA


Mike Martin AIA

Public Safety and Municipal Management Group

Public Safety and Municipal Management

Jeff Roemer CPM

Public Safety & Emergency Management

Robert Whitaker

Security Services

Dan Burns, RN, BA, MBA

Public Management

Lori Gosz

Building Inspections

Kevin Bierce

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Engineering BIM

Max Lesatz

Marketing and Business Development Group


Sarah Kundinger

Business Development

TJ Lamers

Illinois Service Area Leadership

Region Manager

Christopher D. Dopkins P.E.


Nicholas J. Arps P.E

Grants/Financing Assistance

Tammy Scott

Indiana Service Area Leadership

Region Manager

John Sturgill R.L.A.

Land Surveying/Site Development

Douglas F. Homeier P.E., P.L.S.

Board of Directors

Vic Lutz (Chairman)
Paul Benedict
Matt Greely
Michael J. McMahon
Tom Kocken
John Sturgill
Nick Vande Hey
Carl Sutter
Tim Bronn

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