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“The Cedars” of Kimberly Brings Life to the Riverfront

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On the site of a once thriving paper mill, The Cedars development is bringing life back to a blighted riverfront in Kimberly, Wisconsin.

Watch THIS VIDEO to experience the amazing transformation that has begun and will continue for years to come.

New developments include:

  • Single and two-family housing
  • Multi-family residential living
  • Dining and commercial opportunities along the Fox River
  • Treaty Park
  • Fox River overlook

Preserving the rich history of papermaking was important to the community and McMAHON. The trail design at Treaty Park replicates paper weaving through dryer cans, and the entrance of the park is flanked with mill grinder stones from 1910.

The strong partnership between McMAHON, representatives of the Village of Kimberly and its community members made the vision and design for this redevelopment project a reality — bringing the heart of the Kimberly community back to life.

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