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McMAHON fully integrates services of RW Management Group into McMAHON’s full-service offerings

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McMahon Associates, Inc., a full-service, professional engineering and architectural firm, has fully integrated the municipal safety, administrative and consulting services of the company formerly known as RW Management Group into its McMAHON full-service offerings. McMAHON acquired the company in January 2020 and the division will now be called McMAHON Public Safety and Municipal Management.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding McMAHON’s services to include public and emergency management and to be harnessing all of RW Management’s extensive experience and knowledge under the McMAHON name,” Paul Benedict, president of McMAHON, said. “Fully integrating RW Management into McMAHON’s services over the past year and dropping the RW Management name formally completes this acquisition and complements our other services.”

McMAHON Public Safety and Municipal Management is led by public safety manager, Jeff Roemer, who has more than 30 years of experience in public safety and municipality administration.

“Our consulting services are unique because everyone working on our team, myself included, has held positions with police, fire and EMS departments or public administration,” explained Roemer. “Now McMAHON’s municipal clients and beyond have access to an even broader range of expertise including access to interim employees, the development of response plans, ongoing consulting and more.”

Comprehensive services of McMAHON’s Public Safety and Municipal Management division include:

  • Emergency response plans
  • Security and emergency management
  • Comprehensive security assessments
  • Incident action plans
  • Management counsel (administrators, police, fire & EMS)
  • Building inspections
  • Department operational reviews
  • Policy & procedure analysis
  • Public safety equipment analysis
  • Response time analysis
  • Tactical training for law enforcement
  • Threat recognition & verbal de-escalation training
  • Active shooter reaction
  • Natural disaster response
  • Post-incident recovery and reunification plans

To learn more about McMAHON’s Public Safety and Municipal Management division, visit


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