Appleton, Wisconsin

City of Appleton


38-Acre Park

Project Manager:

Mike McMahon

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Project Overview:

Pierce Park was established in Appleton in 1920. The “dance” pavilion, which is centrally located in the 38-acre park, was designed by Chicago architect Byron H. Jillson in 1926 and was most likely constructed shortly thereafter. An addition to the exterior stage of the pavilion was constructed around 1944. The most recent renovation work on the structure occurred in 2001/2002, but did not address a few major issues with the existing structure. The basement, located under the interior and exterior stage, was left intact, the rotating band shell was not renovated or removed, and the exterior band shelter/stage was not enlarged. The existing basement continued to be a problem due to water infiltration and general deterioration. The band shell was antiquated in size and function and also suffered from general deterioration. The size of the existing exterior stage did not function adequately for the major user groups including the Appleton City Band which runs a summer concert series at this location.

McMahon was given the task of resolving the deficiencies, along with creating an enlarged band shelter/stage structure that would enhance and not diminish the historic nature of the existing iconic pavilion.

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