Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Village of Egg Harbor

Project Manager:

Thomas Kispert, PE, BCEES, CCS


Gold Award - Wisconsin Masonry Alliance

Water Star Community - University of Wisconsin

Service Groups:
Market Served:
Project Overview:

Stormwater runoff was contributing to E. coli at the near-shore areas of  Egg Harbor Beach. Treatment devices were installed, but upon completion, a major rain event illustrated that the improvements were inadequate. A significant portion of the parking lot did not drain to the treatment areas and the runoff formed significant gullies through the newly graded beach.

McMahon assisted the Village of Egg Harbor in writing a successful grant application for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funds for improvements to the earlier beach project and improvements to the event/boat trailer parking lot. McMahon was also chosen to design improvements that would include installation of 10,000 square feet of permeable pavers, an infiltration basin, rain garden, concrete curb and gutter borders and native plantings. The Village was very happy with the improvements which provided treatment or reduced the quantity of stormwater runoff into the sensitive bay.

Project Awards/Accolades:

  • Recipient of a Gold Award in Commercial Design for a Concrete Paver Project by the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance
  • As a result of  the stewardship and efforts to promote water quality, The Village was awarded the Water Star Community designation by the University of Wisconsin, recognizing efforts to improve surface, ground and recreational waters.
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