Who We Serve

McMAHON provides comprehensive engineering and architectural services to the following markets:


Municipal/Governmental Projects
Cities, villages, and towns are built on sound infrastructure and the ability to evolve based upon the demands of their constituents.  And for over 100 years, McMAHON has worked side-by-side with those municipalities, providing the engineering and architectural services necessary to sustain and grow thriving communities.  We work as an extension of your community’s municipal staff, attending meetings, identifying needs, evaluating alternatives, and designing the projects that meet and exceed the goals of our clients.  McMAHON also serves governmental clients at the county, state, and federal level.


Commercial/Retail Projects
Commercial and retail environments demand good designs, in order to attract a new customer, reinforce a brand, or encourage co-workers to collaborate.  The commercial/retail experts at McMAHON have delivered effective building solutions for a wide range of projects, including banks and credit unions, corporate office facilities, upscale shopping centers, convenience stores, and supermarkets.  They understand how to incorporate functional and aesthetic building elements, while meeting firm budgetary constraints and demanding construction schedules.


Healthcare Projects
Our architectural design team has developed and implemented the McMAHON Lean Architecture Design Process to support the vision, goals, and processes of our healthcare clients. The process is collaborative, and the resulting design allows for the continuous improvement of services and the creation of spaces that enhance the everyday experience of the end-users. McMAHON understands the complexity of healthcare facilities and is passionate about supporting that complexity while maintaining simplicity in how the end-user experiences a facility.

K-12 Education

K-12 Education Projects
The needs of public and private educational systems are ever-changing.  By working closely with boards, administrators, educators, staff, committees and students, we are able to creatively address programmatic needs through a philosophy of “creativity before capital”.  Designing project solutions that embrace this philosophy maintains program integrity and facility flexibility, while minimizing cost.

Higher Education

Higher Education Projects
We approach each project with a focus on aligning with the institution’s mission.  That mission drives us to create spaces sensitive to the inter-related campus systems comprised of facilities, open/green spaces, parking, pedestrians, technology, and infrastructure. By utilizing an integrated process, centered on collaboration with stakeholders throughout the entire project, our team delivers successful collegiate facilities and campuses.

Dairy / Food / Beverage

Dairy / Food / Beverage Projects
Optimized, high-performance facilities are essential to the safe and profitable operation of dairy, food and beverage productions.  McMAHON has experts ready to provide design and design/build solutions to meet the high safety and quality standards our food and beverage processing partners demand.  As a full-service E/A firm, we are a single-source partner offering architecture and structural, electrical & controls, mechanical HVAC and plumbing, and civil site design, as well as 3D scanning solutions for asset management.  In addition to the actual production facilities, McMAHON also offers industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions.

General Industrial

General Industrial Projects
The industrial services group at McMAHON has built a strong client base by providing solutions to the complexities of fast-track schedules, multiple prime contractors and vendors, and the need to maintain our clients’ on-going operations and budgetary expectations.  We offer many project delivery options that are well-suited to industries, including engineer-led design/build.  McMAHON’s complete spectrum of engineering and architectural services have consistently proven to be a valuable asset to our industrial clients.


Agriculture Projects
To be a successful partner to our agricultural clients requires that we maintain a thorough understanding of evolving environmental regulations,  current agri-business operations, and the importance of sustainable agriculture practices. McMAHON possesses the expertise to meet the challenges of today’s high-tech and growing agriculture industry.  We provide structural engineering for foundations of bulk storage bins and feed mills, digestion facilities, conveyor trusses and loadout tunnels.  We provide complete process design for on-farm digesters, including the energy recovery, thickening/dewatering, storage and odor control associated with those facilities.  McMAHON also offers GIS, surveying, environmental, electrical, water supply and treatment, and nutrient management services specifically tailored for the ag industry.  Being located in the agricultural heartland of our country, we take great pride in serving the agricultural industry.


Transportation Projects
Our transportation/traffic engineering team has provided all levels of service for county, state, and federal authorities.  While addressing the technical aspects of a project, we remain sensitive to the environmental, safety, and economic issues which are of equal importance.


Tribal Projects
McMAHON is proud of the relationships we have built with Native American Tribes, focused on maintaining and improving upon their valued infrastructure assets.  We approach each Tribal client with the goal of developing a long-term relationship, rather than a single project basis.  McMAHON has assisted several tribes with planning, design, funding assistance, and construction services for water and wastewater treatment systems, transportation and utilities improvements, and cultural buildings.  Our design-build affiliate firm McMahon, Inc. has vast experience with project delivery methods that are well-suited to Tribes.

Hospitality / Sports / Entertainment

We understand that for these types of facilities, customer experience and satisfaction are the keys to success.  McMAHON’s architects and engineers have long been helping clients envision spaces that are functional, thoughtful, warm, inviting, and exciting.  We design spaces that turn first-time visitors into loyal customers, and we provide integrated planning and design for sports and aquatics facilities that are the cornerstone of healthy communities.


Cultural design projects are about inspiring, engaging and supporting groups or organizations in private and public pursuits. These projects are varied and include religious, recreational, museums and other facilities that are privately owned. McMAHON’s diverse capabilities allow us to seamlessly flow through various building types, while maintaining the highest level of architectural excellence.


Our clients in the energy market provide critical services to keep the lights on and communities thriving.  McMAHON offers a wide spectrum of services that support these clients, including GIS mapping, surveying, utility design, and construction services.


Residential Projects
McMAHON’s diverse capabilities are not limited to local government or industrial pursuits.  We offer a variety of services that benefit the residential owner as well.  These include custom residential architecture, land surveying, and environmental permitting and compliance.