Kewaskum, Wisconsin

Village of Kewaskum, WI

Project Manager:

Anthony Kappell

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Project Overview:

Upon completion of Facility Planning, in accordance with a compliance schedule included in the Village’s WPDES Permit, McMahon designed the upgrade and expansion of their wastewater treatment facility.

Improvements included the addition of a new Headworks and Pump/UV Building.  Aluminum dome covers were installed on the primary and final clarifiers for weather protection, and updates to the laboratory facilities were made. Three new 75-horsepower positive displacement blowers were installed in the existing Blower Building.

Unit processes at the plant included Fine Screening; Grit Removal System; Primary Clarification; Aerobic Digestion; Fine-Bubble Activated Sludge Aeration; Splitter Box and Final Clarification; Ferrous Chloride Phosphorus Removal; UV Disinfection; Liquid Sludge Storage/Land Application; Storage for hauled-in waste.

Electrical upgrades included a new 3-phase electrical service and transformer; new switchgear and 300-kW standby generator in the existing Blower Building; new MCCs; SCADA System with Human-Machine Interface (HMI) touch-screens; and video surveillance.

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