Brillion Well #5 Pumphouse

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A small, split face concrete block pumphouse is currently being constructed at the Well #5 site to supply raw water from Well #5 to the City’s two (2) existing ion exchange softening plants. The pumphouse project includes installation of new line-shaft turbine well pumping equipment, variable frequency drive controls, a natural gas standby generator and integration with the existing SCADA control system.

The project also includes chemical feed system upgrades including changing the existing gas chlorination systems at the Main Street Pumphouse and Well #3 Pumphouse to sodium hypochlorite disinfection systems to improve operator safety, as well as providing flow pacing of both the chlorine and polyphosphate feed systems. The overall project also includes the construction of a new well and approximately 9,500 l.f. of new raw water transmission main to convey raw water from Well 5 to the softening plants.


City of Brillion