St. Joseph Middle School

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The St. Francis Xavier School System (formerly ACES) and Fox Valley Lutheran High School teamed together to better private education in the Fox Valley Area.  Fox Valley Lutheran (FVL) was growing out of its well-maintained 50+ year High School facility and was land-locked and unable to expand in a responsible manner.  St. Joseph Middle school was located in a crumbling elementary school building with small classes and no outdoor athletic facilities.

Through the creative thought and generous donation of one individual, it was determined that a new High School complex should be built for FVL and St. Joseph Middle School should move into the existing FVL facility. McMAHON was assigned to both projects.

The St. Joseph Middle School move allowed the students and staff to have a true middle school setting. They now have appropriate sized classrooms, a modern library, computer centers, musical facilities, an outdoor athletic facility and other necessities missing from their old location.  Although much was to be gained from the move, additional work was still needed to bring the building up to current-day standards. Art and music rooms were renovated, new HVAC systems were added and a new school entrance was built. The gymnasium floor was replaced, new ceilings were added to many locations and a fresh coat of paint was applied to the entire inside of the building. ACES administration offices were also added to the building. Perhaps more notably, a new chapel was created, and an old multi-use space was renovated into a modern performing arts theatre.


St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System

Project Manager

Marley Gast

"It has been amazing to see the change that has taken place in our students and staff. The atmosphere has completely changed. Our new facility is light and open, it has space and it is just a happier place to be.”-Tony Abts