Rosendale Dairy BioFerm Bio-Digester

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Rosendale Dairy installed a 1.4 MW wet fermentation digester system in the Spring of 2013. The project includes not only utilizing manure from the dairy’s 8,500 cows to make biogas, but also the creation of a public education center and a research laboratory for UW-Oshkosh students and staff. The site also serves as a training facility for future biogas operators.
The anaerobic digestion portion of the facility’s footprint is approximately 12,000 square feet. The plant system is designed to process approximately 350 tons of manure a day.
Expected annual energy production:
11.8 million kWh electrical production
12.5 million MMBTU thermal production



Project Manager

Chad Olsen


2014 Concrete Design Award (Agricultural Category) from Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete and ACI International