Richland Center Renewable Energy Facility

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Schreiber Foods and Foremost Farms in Richland Center, Wisconsin teamed together to develop a renewable energy facility to treat both process wastewater and high-strength wastes. The partnership was formed when the City was proposing to substantially raise sewer rates for a wastewater treatment plant expansion. McMAHON and the Probst Group, LLC teamed together to make this system a reality.
At the heart of the process is an innovative membrane anaerobic reactor that processes higher strength wastes from the facility. The biogas produced from the reactors is used to power a pair of 0.85 MW generators to produce renewable heat and power. The anaerobic reactors also include a patent-pending cost-effective cover and mixing system. Lower strength process wastewater is sent directly to an activated sludge system for treatment. The effluent from the anaerobic digestion process passes through a pellet reactor for phosphorus removal before being sent to the activated sludge system for polishing.
The Facility has allowed both industries to continue to grow in Richland Center while avoiding a major expansion at the city’s wastewater treatment facility.


Schreiber Foods & Foremost Farms

Project Manager

Chad Olsen