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Plexus Neenah Design Center

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Security, way-finding and site factors are major elements of this important downtown facility due to the varied function, multiple use groups and downtown facility location.

To provide general safety, the building perimeter is secured from the general public through electronically controlled access and supervision. Further internal security is required and provided electronically to maintain separation between client access areas and employee only access areas.

Current and potential clients are provided access to significant portions of the building and are allowed the freedom to use amenities when desired. Tours are also provided that move customers through controlled and open access areas. Through the use of various way-finding techniques, clients and others not familiar with the layout of the facility, are provided the means to clearly understand how to maneuver through the facility, even on multiple floor levels.

Parking in downtown settings can often be difficult, especially on redevelopment sites. With little open area remaining due to the required size of the building structure, the parking, loading zones and areas for trash and recycling pick-up had to be handled very carefully. In addition, truck access had to be maintained through the new parking area to allow semi-truck access to an existing alley and related businesses. To best utilize the minimal remaining space, the focus of the parking plan was to meet the functional requirements mentioned above while maintaining enough on-site parking to meet the needs of visiting clients.


John Bergstrom

Project Manager

Mike McMahon

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