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GLRI Funding for Beach/Near-Shore Design

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Beach closure notices at the only beach in a Village dependent on tourism for its livelihood are a grim site.  Stormwater runoff was contributing E.coli in the near-shore areas of the Village of Egg Harbor Beach.  McMAHON wrote a successful Great lake Restoration Initiative Grant obtaining funding to make improvements at the beach and boat trailer parking lot.

Native plantings, beach grading and the construction of two biofilters provide much needed stormwater treatment as well as deter water fowl appearance.  Expansion of the parking lot area was done by installing permeable pavers that would not increase the stormwater runoff into the sensitive Bay.


Village of Egg Harbor



Project Manager

Tom Kispert, Jennifer Schaff


Gold Award in Commercial Design for a Concrete Paver Project by the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance

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