Diamond Pet Foods

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Photos shown are from structures erected at Diamond Pet Foods-Ripon, CA for Abel Manufacturing of Appleton, WI

Abel Manufacturing provides square bolted bin systems for the storage of bulk materials world-wide. These systems are primarily used in feed processing plants.
McMAHON has designed steel structures for Abel Manufacturing for placement throughout the continental United States, and internationally, for projects in Australia, Canada, Chili, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Poland, Russia, Vietnam and Thailand.
These steel superstructures, reaching heights of 160′,  are designed for storage loads of 45 pcf with uniform loads up to 2,700 psf., and for high seismic zones.

  • Bin Dead Load – 864,000 lbs
  • Bin Live Load – 5,760,000 lbs
  • Seismic Design Category D
  • Base Shear – 511,000 lbs
  • Largest Column – W14x193 (Max Reaction = 688,000 lbs)
  • Largest Beam – W36x160
  • Special Concentrically Braced Frame R=6.0
  • Largest Brace – HSS9.625×0.375 (Max Connection Reaction = 500,000 lbs)


Abel Manufacturing (Appleton, WI)

Project Manager

Paul Benedict