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Native Vegetation Management of Stormwater Facilities

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McMAHON provides the Village of Allouez long-term comprehensive native vegetation and management of the municipally-owned stormwater treatment facilities.

The Village of Allouez has seven stormwater treatment facilities that they desire to have managed to function at a high level, as well as, enhance the aesthetics and provide recreational opportunities for the community. McMAHON developed a long-term adaptive native vegetation plan for the Village that provide sustainable results for the community.
The goals and functions include the following:

  • Design and manage the prairies to allow for sustainable native vegetation that flowers from May through October. This includes prairie mixes with approximately 90 different species of native wildflowers, grasses and sedges. Also, native white and bur oaks are sometimes installed to create prairie oak savanna habitats.
  • Provide attractive prairie viewscapes for the members of the community that utilize the trail systems in and around the stormwater treatment facilities for recreational purposes.
  • Design and manage the wetlands for sustainable native emergent and submergent vegetation.
  • Manage the prairie and wetlands to minimize the presence of exotic and invasive species.
  • Reduce the presence of geese at the stormwater ponds.
  • Manage the facilities in a manner that maximizes the treatment of stormwater.


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Stuart Boerst