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Fox Crossing Community Trail System

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The Village of Fox Crossing is developing a trail system that will interconnect with other trails, providing a connecting link between residential, commercial and recreational areas in the region.

This is a current listing of constructed trails. McMAHON has provided design for the majority of them:

  • American Drive – 1.5 mi
  • West American Drive – 3.0 mi
  • CTH II – 2.0 mi
  • Cold Spring Road – 1.0 mi
  • State Friendship Trail (east side) – 3.5 mi
  • State Friendship Trail (west side) – 4.0 mi
    (Trestle Trail over the water was designed by others)
  • CTH CB – 3.0 mi
  • East Shady Lane – 2.0 mi
  • Jacobsen Road – 1.0 mi (design by others)
  • North Lake Street – 1.1 mi

The majority of the trails have a 10-foot wide asphaltic concrete surface. Pedestrian lanes are incorporated into the highway bridge designs and signalized intersections along the route include separate pedestrian signal displays.


Village of Fox Crossing, WI


22.1 Miles

Project Manager

Lee Reibold

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