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Brillion High School Technology/Education Center

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When Brillion passed a referendum to create a new $1.5 Million dollar Technology and Engineering Education Center, McMAHON was tasked to create the space to host it.

The 5,500 square-foot addition and 1,800 square-foot renovation encompasses a wide variety of spaces each with specialized function and needs. Notably among these is the Design Lab built with access flooring and ceiling framework for model display, the Wood Shop with dust collection, and Metals Shop with both CNC Welding and Plasma Equipment. These rooms, along with the additional Tiered Lecture Room, Design Mezzanine, Interior and Exterior Assembly Area and Paint Booth are built to the highest quality standard utilizing materials that simultaneously provide for high usage and low maintenance. Furthermore, every space is designed for flexible use and equipment configuration, computer technology accommodation, audio/visual display, and a full array of the necessary support systems.


Brillion Public Schools


7,300 sf

Project Manager

Marley Gast

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