Geospatial Solutions

McMahon-Geospatial SolutionsIn order to provide our clients with the most advanced means of visualizing and analyzing project information, we have created a new Geospatial Solutions Group.   We have access to state of the art aerial and terrestrial data acquisition solutions.  Our Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and surveying professionals transform this data into 3-D models.  These models are an invaluable tool during planning and design phases, as well as long-term facilities operation and management.

Aerial / Terrestrial Data Acquisition Services

  • Photogrammetry & LiDAR Solutions
  • DEM/DTM/DSM (Surface Models) Generation
  • Orthophoto Mosaics
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Thermal Imagery Solutions
  • Video & Photography Solutions
  • Interior/Exterior Facility 3D Laser Scanning
  • Existing Project Conditions Analysis
  • BIM Modeling
  • Facilities Asset Management

McMAHON Geospatial Solutions Video