The success of commercial and retail facilities is directly linked to the way the building supports the owner’s brand. We must understand that “what defines the brand”  includes the owner’s target customer, marketing strategy, economic and customer satisfaction goals. Knowing this information, each project has unique opportunities for creative design solutions that support the brand and client success. This branding knowledge is applied when designing unique commercial/retail facilities, commercial tenant space as well as when working with franchise owners on targeted site developments.

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Municipal Architecture

For well over 100 years, McMAHON has served municipal clients with civil engineering services. We are proud of our long standing municipal relationships and have continued that support in providing facilities design services. Services can vary from design of park shelters, to municipal service garages or city libraries. Each municipality is different and each project has unique opportunities for creative design solutions. McMAHON embraces a design process where community involvement is a key element in successful programming and design.

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K12 Education

The needs of public and private educational systems are ever-changing. By working closely with boards, administrators, educators, staff, committees and students, we are able to creatively address programmatic needs through a philosophy of “creativity before capital”. Designing project solutions that embrace this philosophy maintains program integrity and facility flexibility, while minimizing cost.

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Higher Education

We approach each project with a focus on aligning with the institution’s mission. That mission drives us to create spaces sensitive to the inter-related campus systems comprised of facilities, open/green spaces, parking, pedestrians, technology, and infrastructure. By utilizing an integrated process, centered on collaboration with stakeholders throughout the entire project, our team delivers successful collegiate facilities and campuses.

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McMAHON has seen firsthand the benefits of Lean in Healthcare and developed the McMAHON Lean Architecture Design Process to support the vision, goals, and processes of our healthcare clients. The process is collaborative and the resulting design allows for the continuous improvement of services and the creation of spaces that enhance the everyday experience of the end-users. We understand the complexity of healthcare facilities and are successful in supporting that complexity yet maintaining simplicity in how the end-user experiences a facility.

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Cultural Design

Cultural design projects are about inspiring, engaging and supporting groups or organizations in private and public pursuits. These projects are varied and include religious, recreational, museums and other facilities that are privately owned. McMAHON’s diverse capabilities allow us to seamlessly flow through various building types, while maintaining the highest level of architectural excellence.

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Industrial Architecture

The project may be the relocation of a structural column to accommodate a new piece of equipment; the remodeling of an outdated facility to improve efficiency; or the complete design of a new plant involving site selection, design and construction. At McMAHON, we are on your team bringing years of Industrial/Manufacturing Facility experience. In every case, our efforts begin with understanding your manufacturing process. To produce a product in the most cost-effective way, the site development and building design must first and foremost accommodate the production flow. Your facility must be flexible to accommodate future revisions to processes as well as expandable to add product lines, shipping and receiving capacity.

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Custom Residential

Each residential project is distinct and unique to our client’s lifestyle and values. We do not influence our projects through a preconceived aesthetic; rather, embrace a process of discovery where homeowner and architect create a living environment that connects to the site; functionally caters to the living style of the users; and has thoughtful, timeless detailing. These elements, crafted in harmony, result in a home that has a deep, emotional appeal and a delightful sense of place.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The acronym BIM has numerous definitions in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries. While the acronym BIM can define a Building Information Model, this falls short of what BIM really is and does for the industry. At McMAHON, rather than look at BIM as an object, we approach BIM as Building Information Modeling. This quantifies the acronym as more of a process where technology and collaboration is used to create a virtual building / project, and allows the design team to make design reviews and performance reviews before anything is constructed. McMAHON has integrated BIM into how we design and how we deliver our services to our clients.

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Lean Architecture, IPD & LEED®

Lean Architecture

Lean can be defined as the systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement in pursuit of perfection. McMAHON Lean Architecture brings Lean thinking to a higher level by assisting our clients in defining and understanding their vision, finding measurable goals and refining the detail of “who does what, with what, where, when and how”. We work closely with clients to create flexible building solutions that support both their vision and process, and that meet future needs while allowing for continuous improvement.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

While many firms talk about Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), McMAHON has years of practical and successful project experience utilizing our own unique style of this effective and efficient delivery method. Our foundational concepts are quite simple; bring the right people to the table at the right time with the right structure, along with create a balance between program, budget, quality and schedule. IPD works in conjunction with Lean Architecture, Building Information Modeling and Sustainable Design.

Sustainable Design / Green / LEED®

The health of our surroundings not only has a direct impact upon the health of human life; it also impacts the quality of our drinking water, air, soil and thus, the health of every other living organism. Historically, McMAHON has always provided quality design and construction management services that respond to sustainable design issues. Our in-house staff includes LEED® accredited professionals and excels in the area of LEED® Design and implementation of a Sustainable Rewards Program.

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