Customer Experience

Roughly 85% of our business comes to us from repeat clients.  We think that speaks volumes about the service we provide, and the manner in which we provide it. The philosophy of how we do business today is the same as it has been for over 100 years and can be simply summed up as The McMAHON Way. The McMAHON Way is a service-oriented philosophy, with the goal of building long-term client relationships by combining strong core values with a culture for success. That philosophy has been emphasized and nurtured within our company, right down to our newest employees.

We are humbled and appreciative when our clients speak highly of our work. This makes it ever more important for our focus to remain the same as it has always been…strive to go above and beyond, providing an elevated level of service and value on every project.  Our clients have come to expect that, and we do not want to let them down.


Excellent job on the Roundabout and improved access roads.  Wonderful layout and great improvement for the Village.


Industry Owner

Thanks for all your great work on the roundabout project!  We could not ask for a better engineering firm to work with as far as I’m concerned – thanks for all you do for the Village!!!!

Village Treasurer

The creative integration of the new plant into the distribution system and pressure zone engineering for new developments saved millions in infrastructure costs. The project delivery method of utilizing multiple bid packaging saved millions in capital costs, while providing the best design possible. I respect your dedication as Project Manager during the construction and startup process. The plant was put into service about five months ahead of schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship during the course of the project and would like to work with McMAHON again.

Director of Utilities

McMAHON is professional and knowledgeable, and the result is a successful and timely completion of each project. I highly recommend them for their services and I look forward to continuing to work with them for many years.

Village Administrator

This letter is to commend your employee that managed the project for making a difficult situation bearable and indeed workable every step of the way.  As the project unfolded, we came to trust his engineering acumen and in his personal integrity.  We felt that he would ensure that everyone was held accountable for their portion of the job and that reasonable decisions would be made.

Affected Property Owners

The qualities of McMAHON employees, coupled with their high level of professionalism, have made them a valuable asset to the Town.  They introduce new ideas, concepts, and tools to better facilitate our ever growing needs.  The staff at McMAHON is always willing to offer their assistance. They have an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including residents, developers, neighboring municipalities, and other professional organizations. 

Town Utility Manager

The project started with McMAHON a few years ago and your team assisted us in creating a master plan, helping to get a referendum passed, and then taking the plan and creating a finished project that our students, staff, parents and community can be proud of for many years.  The project was truly an “Extreme Summer Makeover” and your team worked diligently with a short timeline to make this all happen.

School District Administrator

Speaking on behalf of the campus, it has been a pleasure working with McMAHON. My constituents on campus (faculty, students and staff) have been very impressed with your efforts, commitment and results. Your ability to communicate with a diverse set of campus constituents, process and analyze complex issues and then crate a visionary plan was invaluable to the future of our campus. Throughout the process, you were honest and forthright as we engaged the campus and community in master planning guiding principles and issues, knowing that many challenging and controversial decisions had to be made. As a client, we very much appreciated not only your thoroughness, but also your responsiveness.

College Campus Planner

Our project timeline was tight. They handled everything for the project from designing the building, permits, recommending who was qualified to bid on the project, selecting the contractors, attending at first weekly, then daily building meetings through the final inspection and sign-off of the facility. Our project was completed on time and budget largely due in part to the McMAHON Team. We were extremely pleased with their performance and attention to detail. They have a highly skilled, diversified workforce which can cover all aspects of the project. I have done several other building projects over my career, but this was by far the largest and most successful and I believe that was primarily due to the McMAHON team and the guidance they gave us on this project.

Vice President of Manufacturing

McMAHON has provided engineering services and many successful project for our city over the past 35 years. They have always worked effectively with City staff and interfaced well with all members of the community that have been affected by our public works improvement projects. They are very proficient and dependable in providing us the quality of services City leaders desire.

City Administrator

I have always been pleased with McMAHON’s effort, performance and work product and I look forward to working with them in the future to develop an integrated pedestrian and bicycle map and plan.

Village Administrator

With McMAHON’s extensive expertise, the town has developed a major trail system that interconnects our parks, community center, and other traffic generators throughout the town. They have also assisted with applications for funding from various programs which have helped make our system possible. In assisting with planning and design through construction, the final result is a safe and efficient trail system that helps to diversify our transportation network.

Town Director of Community Development

It is reassuring to know that McMAHON was instrumental in keeping costs low through the design and build bidding process. Your staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating to our many needs and requests. As we can all see, the final outcome was a very well constructed wastewater treatment plant that produces final effluent that far exceeds the State of Wisconsin requirements and operates at maximum efficiency while using state-of-the-art technology and labor.

Wastewater Superintendent

McMAHON’s staff of professionals assigned to and assisting on this project has repeatedly demonstrated their expertise, competency, and dedication to achieving a final project design that any engineering professional would be proud to be associated with. Without an in-house engineering department, my success and livelihood depends on having a broad base of engineering consulting firms that our Sanitary District can rely upon; and we are not shy in demanding excellence from our consultants. I am ever grateful that our engineering consultants have consistently been equal to the challenging tasks assigned to them. In the case of the work performance, your engineer has consistently and repeatedly performed in an exemplary manner and fashion and has earned special recognition from the Sanitary District. His leadership resulted in an outstanding design.

Sanitary District General Manager

Thank you all for your time, quickness, and patience on this project! Much appreciated!!! I will forever recommend McMahon Group to anyone looking for your surveying services.


We recently worked with Rick Hermus of IPR to recruit a new Library Director. I find the firm professional, diligent and productive with a very good understanding of the market as well as the time urgency needed in recruiting successfully. I have enjoyed working with Rick and believe we have built a relationship that will go on in future years. I highly recommend IPR for their network and understanding of public employment needs.

Community Library President